The projects listed below are joint-product-development efforts that involve scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and sales-and-marketing personnel from universities, federal and private laboratories, and major industries. Our purpose is to commercialize the technologies. The following projects are those that ChK Group, Inc., is currently conducting:

  • Research on Fiedel-craft reactions and strong Lewis acids
  • Biosilica-blended cement for high-performance concrete (HPC)
  • Filters for the removal of As(III) and As(V) from contaminated drinking water
  • The slow release and multi-nutrient plant growth medium for urban horticulture, golf green constructions, and space applications
  • Flame-retardant fabrics
  • The applications of nano-carbonate treatment in acid mine water applications.
  • The stabilization and applications of violet-colored nanophase manganese oxide in natural and synthetic solid supports and fabrics, including the following:
    • The easy and rapid synthesis of disulfide using different thiols
    • The odor control of N- and S-based compounds
    • Mouthwash
    • The degradation of chemical- and biological-warfare agents
    • Biocide and algaecide with and without fabrics
    • The degradation of quaternary ammonium compounds
    • Fabric metal polish
    • Smart chemical sensors
  • A fundamental understanding of soil-heaving mechanisms and the prevention of soil-heaving
  • The manufacture of zeolites from industrial and agricultural wastes