“Drinking Water Arsenic Filter”

Arsenic Removal Media


Arsenil is a natural zeolite based media that has been specially coated with Mn-substituted nanophase iron oxides (US patent no. 6,790,363 B2). The sample has excellent particle integrity, and nanophase-coated iron oxide does not get separated from zeolite during treatment and backwashing. Therefore, clogging of the filter is not anticipated. This technology was developed by Dr. Rajan K. Vempati of ChK Group, Inc., who is an expert in nanophase-Fe oxide chemistry and mineralogy. The Arsenil™ media will remove both arsenic (III) and arsenic (V) species from contaminated water without the need for external oxidation methods.


  • Color: Reddish brown
  • Density: 37 lb/cu.ft.
  • Effective size: 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm
  • Fe content: Ranges from 9% to 10%
  • Screen grading: 40 to 80 mesh size
  • Specific gravity: 2.2 g/cc
  • Shipping weight: 137 lb/cu. ft.

Operational Parameters


  • EBCT (typical range): 5 minutes or fewer
  • pH (operating range): 4.0 to 8.5
  • Temperature (optimal): 65 Deg F
  • TCLP results: Pass


Shipping containers                            Manufacturing Locations

     1 U.S. Ton Supersacs                                         Detroit, Michigan

Arsenil – How it can help you comply with the new arsenic rule


Arsenil media can help municipal facilities comply with the EPA’s new arsenic rule. By using this sturdy, high surface area medium in your raw water treatment process, you can efficiently adsorb arsenic and several other heavy metals in one easy step with little, if any, backwashing. This medium stands up to handling unlike any other existing technology on the market today does. Arsenil was designed to cope with the complex chemistries of water tainted with arsenic. Arsenil is not significantly affected by the presence of silica. Once the media is exhausted, it is simply replaced. The expended media can be discarded in landfills and classified as “Non-hazardous Waste,” based on TCLP tests.


Arsenil – Typical results using a single column


Arsenic Concentration            Si Level            EBCT*                         Breakthrough**

(ppb)                           ppm                (min)                            Bed Volume

110                              2                     10                                5,200

18                                2                     3                                  92,099

25                                2                     5                                  51,124

25                                25                   10                                22,597

25                                50                   20                                10,629


*EBCT stands for “empty bed contact time”

**Column breakthrough occurs when the concentration of the effluent water is > 10 ppb


Download: ArsenilSpecs