Naynesh Desai’s Resumé

Naynesh Desai got his master’s degree in chemical and industrial engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station.  He has been working in the refining, LNG, and gas-processing industries for over 30 years.  He was the charter member of the team that developed an energy-management system (EMS) that reduces energy consumption. EMS involves optimizing utilities systems like steam generators and steam-level optimizing systems. Mr. Desai has led teams of engineers who have made conceptual designs, front-end engineering designs, and detailed engineering designs. He has led teams from several engineering contractors. Mr. Desai has even led a team of people versed in various engineering disciplines to commission and pioneer LNG trains.  He has also developed and implemented process-surveillance tools to assist in the adoption of LNG train.  Desai has even improved and implemented a gated project development and management system.  He has held the position of Senior Advisor in Operations Project Department to help develop technical capabilities to support projects between 50 and 400 million dollars in scale.