Dr. Rajan Vempati’s Resumé

Dr. Rajan Vempati received his PhD in Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy from Texas A&M, in College Station, TX, in 1988. The founder of ChK Group, Inc, and cofounder of Biosilica and Energy Corporation (BsEC), he is a recipient of the prestigious National Research Council Junior Postdoctoral Fellowship award, from the National Academy of Sciences, in Washington, D.C. His innovative research has also helped him secure several SBIRs. Dr. Vempati has a great deal of work experience as a soil chemist.  For example, he has done extensive laboratory work in identifying physical, chemical, mineralogical, and commercial applications of amorphous and nanophase materials. Dr. Vempati also collaborates with major industries and universities to further improve his ideas. Currently, the ChK Group, Inc., founder is a chemistry professor at Southern Methodist University (SMU), in Dallas, Texas. While a professor, he has advised over 30 students—both at the graduate and undergraduate levels—on his cutting-edge work. He has taught environmental-chemistry classes at not only SMU, but also at the University of Texas in Arlington. His work has made him recognized by the USEPA and the NSF.